It’s estimated that the Top One-Percent now own two-thirds of the World’s Wealth.

We’ve posted before about BlackRock; but in particular see this post from June 2021. Comrade Jacinda is a member of the WEF and in June 2022 made a beeline for BlackRock when she was in New York.

from Ezra Levant of Rebel News

Why should billionaires and oligarchs be developing global policies in secretive meetings at some ski resort in Switzerland? Who gave them a seat at the table? How is that democratic? The who’s who of global political and corporate “elites” are in Davos, Switzerland, this week for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting — and so are we!

Rebel News sent a team to cover these secretive meetings led by Klaus Schwab, the WEF chairman, where they concoct their undemocratic schemes for billions of people around the world.

The whole town has been transformed into a kind of Disneyland for billionaires and oligarchs, with some of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies making their presence known around Davos with their very own pop-up storefronts set up for the occasion.

While driving around, we stumbled upon BlackRock’s building. If you don’t know, BlackRock is an enormous hedge fund with over $10 trillion worth of assets under management. Their CEO Larry Fink also sits on the WEF board of trustees.

Surprisingly, the building’s door was open, so I went inside to see if anyone would speak to me.

They’re a massive company, and they’ve got both sides covered. They’re into war, with investments in Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics. They’re into peace afterwards, with investments in rebuilding countries that have been levelled.

BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink is on the World Economic Forum’s board of trustees, so you can bet that the policies promulgated by the secretive conclave here in Davos do whatever is best for BlackRock’s shareholders.

Larry Fink is a bit of an ideologue himself. You’d think a billionaire like him would be a turbo capitalist, but BlackRock is actually a major proponent of cultural Marxism. Although they themselves, as I mentioned, are deeply invested in military companies, he promotes cultural Marxism and environmental extremism. Worse yet, he actually weaponizes the investments that he oversees.

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We don’t know for sure if Comrade Jacinda is at Davos, but Ben Garrison thinks she is —