The latest best hour you won’t find on NZ MSM TV is here

We cover the Labour Party back tracking on Jacinda Ardern’s woke policies, the people have been standing up against the establishment and BREAKING news: Mother of 3, Pamela Taylor has been kidnapped by the state under medical tyranny.

NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party Co-Leader, Donna Pokere-Phillips joins us to break down the events at this years Waitangi Day, & her questions of political figures about those who have died from the jab, including 30 from her husband’s family.

We discuss the shutting down of the returned SAS commando, Paumea McKay, as he sought to inform people of the power they hold.

Finally, we will review the National Party leader Christopher Luxon’s performance in a public meeting held in Rangiora, which did not go the way he thought it would…