Among the words she utters against mariner James Cook and Europeans generally… “fuck you bitch, I heard someone shoved a knife right up into the gap between your white ribs… I’m going to go there… cook a white pig, feed it to the dogs and fuck you up… these days we’re driving around in SUVs looking for white men like you… we’re going to fuck you up… tonight it’s me in a car full of brown girls… I’ve got my father’s pig hunting knife in my fist and we’re coming to get you … sitting around in your fucking free love … watch your ribs because I’m coming and going to fuck you up for good”

A certain Michelle Duff — whose main claim to infamy has been authoring a book praising Comrade Jacinda — composed an article headed ‘Tusiata Avia can’t wait to make you uncomfortable” which appeared on Sunday 19 February,

More than uncomfortable, it was so revolting that the Stuffers removed the whole article from their website, but thanks to the Wayback Machine web archive it can be read here.

What made it particularly objectionable was an embedded video consisting of a recitation by this sicko that was clearly intended to incite hatred against those of European descent.

In our view by publishing this material Ms S. Boucher and her company have committed an offence against Section 131 of the Human Rights Act and we have filed a complaint with the Human Right Commission. We’ll see what happens.