Says the Grrr Graphics Team: “Why do Woke corporations think we want trans propaganda with our purchases?

“First we had the ‘woke’ M&Ms lecturing us about inclusiveness and diversity and now we have a transvestite’s face plastered over Hershey chocolate bar wrappers. The chocolate bar is supposedly celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ by means of featuring a man pretending to be a woman displayed on their wrapper.

Why is the Woke Left so intent on erasing women?

See also the video by Paul Joseph Watson, As was said in 2016, Hershey’s of the U.S. is a poor substitute for Whittaker’s of NZ, and not a brand Geoffrey & Eva bother with now.

The curious aspect, however, is why do major brands risk alientating more customers than they may gain by jumping on Wokeist bandwagons? The disturbing political agendas behind them are becoming ever more obvious — for example in Jacindaland, the “A” word instead of “New Zealand” is now a barely disguised term for ‘co-governance’ — racial segregation with special privileges for unelected, unaccountable elites who happen to have the right bloodlines. Yet both Z (fuel stations) and ANZ Bank have been noted using it recently. Why?