Far Left 1 : Free Speech 0

Incited by the far left activists in TV1/Newshub, up to 2,000 of Auckland’s militant Leftists/Wokeists showed up to attack her, literally, as well as the organisers of the event.

“This trans-cult is beyond vile.”

We gather the organisers of the Wellington event decided to cancel it because of the risk of violence by the terrorist Antifa group, backed by Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau.

It reinforces that the government-subsidised TV1/Newshub etc are a toxic influence on NZ society. Karl du Fresne says he no longer watches either bulletin, instead the 30-minute Prime News at 5:30 is (barely) tolerable because the news just gets read with clips from Newshub without the far left political preaching by reporters like Jenna Lynch.