We’ve expressed our misgivings to National Party members about Luxon for a few months now, but that’s no reason not to support National as it has several good thinkers among its MPs and spokespeople.

by Cam Slater on the BFD

Christopher Luxon waded into the Posie Parker debate, and when I say waded I mean it literally: he was so woke and wet he almost drowned in his puddle of weakness.

National leader Christopher Luxon wants Kiwis to be able to express their sexuality or identity “without any persecution”, but isn’t opposing anti-transgender activist Posie Parker coming to New Zealand.

Parker – who is also known by her real name Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – is a controversial British figure who founded the ‘Standing for Women’ group which campaigns against transgender rights and doesn’t recognise transgender individuals by their preferred gender.

She’s planning to speak in both Auckland and Wellington this weekend following chaotic events across Australia. At one in Melbourne, pro- and anti-transgender protesters clashed, leading to alleged assaults and arrests, while a group of neo-Nazis also turned out, sparking alarm.

After an uproar over her planned travel to New Zealand, Immigration NZ reviewed her case but found “no reason to believe that she is, or is likely to be, a threat or risk to the public order or public interest”. That means she can’t be barred from entering. 

The High Court on Friday dismissed a case from rainbow groups who wanted that decision overturned. Newshub

This self-proclaimed Christian, who goes to extreme lengths to deny his faith, has now embraced the woke bully culture, such is his desperation to get votes from almost anywhere.

Luxon was asked on Friday whether he believed Parker should be allowed in. He didn’t directly answer the question but said he supported people being able to speak their minds. 

“We live in a liberal democracy and it’s really important we have free speech. That means we have to defend people’s right to free speech even if we disagree strongly with what they are saying.

“The great thing about free speech and the best thing that can happen is someone puts a counter-view to those arguments and that’s exactly what should happen in a liberal democracy. I may not like her comments, but the reality is free speech is really important in our democracy and it is a high bar to ban someone in that regard.”

Luxon said he “absolutely” supported the rights of the trans community in New Zealand. 

“We want New Zealand to be a place where you can safely express your sexuality and your identity without any persecution, without any problems with that. We want every New Zealander to be who they are and be able to express who they are, freely.”Newshub

What’s this newfound belief in free speech? Where was that belief when the protest was on Parliament’s lawn?

So if you identify as “unvaccinated” then Chris – will you protect that identity?

Where was his belief that people should be able to express themselves without any persecution when they opposed forced and mandated vaccinations?

Yes, that’s right, those beliefs were nowhere to be seen as he hid behind Jacinda Ardern’s skirts and Mallard’s bully boy behaviour.

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