As I type, NZ is warning of yet another orange rain warning for Hawke’s Bay.

The WEF recently cited Hawke’s Bay (with all that recent flooding) for ‘managed retreat’ a new fancy name for relocating you that, as always with the globalists, is designed to keep your eyes off their real intent. Into the (not) ‘Smart Cities’ you go. We must ‘build back better’. Yeah right.

Have you cottoned on yet? It’s sustainable development for us (electric vehicles, eating bugs and so on) … whilst they continue to fly to Davos in private jets. No bugs on their menus. Charles takes his own food, organic at that. All that talk about owning nothing is for us not them.

This all is why they have been working to shut down small rural communities for decades. I watched it first hand. It is why roads are in a state of continual disrepair. Plans for the East Coast have been percolating for quite a long time.

Calling out the climate change hoax, (courtesy of weather manipulation tech) designed specifically to usher in the New World Order.