from Callum Purves

We’re nearing the end of our Hands Off Our Homes – Stop Central Planning Committees Roadshow Tour and one thing is clear: New Zealanders are shocked once they learn what David Parker and Chris Hipkins are planning to do with our planning laws.

This is ‘Three Waters’ but even worse.

The new laws will apply undemocratic/unaccountable ‘co-governance’ for decision making on laws for what you can do with your home, your farm, your business and your property. 

They would apply Soviet-style intrusive 30-year central plans right down to what sort of businesses are allowed where, and what type of crops and livestock farmers can have in individual paddocks. 

For current and future homeowners, Regional Planning Committees will be able to use ‘Climate Change’ goals to make laws on what you can and cannot add or build in your home. These committees will also be bound to uphold new and undefined concepts such as ‘Te Oranga o te Taiao’ and the ‘Mana of the air, water, and soil’ that will lead to costly court battles, delay, and a less prosperous New Zealand.

Councils – and democratic accountability – are left out in the cold under these ‘Central Planning Committee’ regional models. 

We need to blow this issue up – like we did with Three Waters – if we are to see it properly examined by the media, and the opposition parties. 

We’ve been working on this hard-hitting, four-page lift out / advertisement which we’ve managed to get the NZ Herald to agree to publish at a special price of $42,500.

As you can see, we haven’t pulled our punches. The first page is above; the full 4-page version is on our website here