A top Canadian politician has taken the unprecedented step of admitting that the government was “wrong” about vaccines while issuing an apology to the unvaccinated.

Since the Covid pandemic first emerged in 2020, Canada has enforced some of the strictest, most tyrannical measures of any nation in the Western world.

Mandates forced Canadians to wear masks and get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.

Those who chose not to get vaccinated, however, were stripped of their freedom to travel or visit public places.

Air travel and public transportation were limited to only those who provided proof of vaccinations with so-called “vaccine passports.”

And yet, despite the government’s draconian tactics, Danielle Smith, the current premier of Alberta in Canada, has just done something remarkable.

According to a new report from Revolver News, Smith took the bold and unprecedented step of apologizing to unvaccinated Canadians who’ve faced unfair treatment from the government throughout the “pandemic.”

Smith didn’t stop at just issuing an apology, however.

The top official has now promised that anyone who was terminated from their job because of their choice to be unvaxxed will be reinstated.

Comedian and conservative podcaster Jimmy Dore was actually blown away by this apology and covered it at length.


This apology and promise from Smith send a powerful message to the globalist elite: You were all wrong, and everybody knows it.


What’s the likelihood of ‘Sir Covid’/Hendy/’Pinky’/Baker and so on doing that here? Zilch.