from Jim Cable

Nelson-based research centre the Cawthron Institute has changed its governance arrangements to allow for an additional member nominated by local iwi to join its board.

The change was contained in a Private Bill that passed its final reading in Parliament last week.

Nelson MP Rachel Boyack says the other statutory board members are the MP for Nelson, the mayors of Nelson and Tasman, and the Anglican Bishop of Nelson.

The Bill also means the the Trust Board no longer needs to seek High Court or Parliamentary approval for simple administrative decisions.

Ms Boyack says the Cawthron Institute is New Zealand’s largest independent science and research institute, and has operated for over 100 years.

I and a health professional responded and we conversed.  The latter fears some utterly appalling developments — and tells how Maori patients are already demanding priority treatment over his other patients.  National and ACT must prepare and state that they’ll make immediate reversals of these atrocious and insane policies.


Health professional:

Jim – they’ve won and we pakeha are now second class (in the words of Jilly Wackson) “white scum”.  As he suggests, we should all prepare to leave NZ and let its rightful owners take it back.  To be honest, I’m too bloody tired to argue now and we are planning to exit NZ before the bloodshed starts.

My reply:

If there’s going to be any bloodshed, it’s all going to be on the other side. What I see of the building backlash is monumental.

Health professional:

Jim – that’s what worries me. I’ve already lived through one of these civil arguments and the spilt blood will be bilateral …

The natives have already started taking control of our properties, every single law or rule that the current government passes is at considerable cost to ordinary hard-working kiwis like myself.  More and more of my professional friends are forming the same view as myself which is to exit and remain intact.  What’s the value in staying here to prove a point but ending up destitute after a life of hard work and saving?  Are you aware of the land seizures underway via the local bodies, Jim?  All it takes is for Iwi to claim some spiritual attachment to our property and we lose control over it – has already happened on the West Coast and is starting to happen around here.   A friend who owns Railway Reserve property is unable to do anything to his land without their consent.

My reply:

I agree by and large – but the tipping point is very close and there are far more acquisitive non-Maori than acquisitive Maori.  The building backlash against Maori is going to be enormous, and many older Maori are well aware of that.

Health professional:

Mmmm, I hope you are right, Jim – but the changes already in place are irreversible.
Every day I am experiencing patients saying, “I’m Iwi you know, the law says you must put me to the top of the queue”. This grates with me as I’ve been in the business a very long time and have never ever prioritised anything other than clinical need.  All of my colleagues share my views and many of us are in melt-down mode over this interference to the core of our professional standards.  It is hard to describe how disturbed we all are about this, yet we can’t discuss it with anyone for fear of direct reprisals.