For the Globalists it’s time for an encore performance of Covid panic – the masks, the social distancing, the lockdowns, and the killer vaccines.

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Remixing old tunes for the same audience, and a final learning curve test for normies before The Great Resent kicks into high gear.

Just how steep is the normie learning curve?

We’re about to find out, again.

Word on the street is that Great Resent Records is getting the band back together.

The Reese Report: The Lockdowns Are Coming BackWatch now (2 mins) | …Read more

A few new players have joined the band and replaced some virtuosos who did their job during the first world tour and slithered off into retirement, pocketing millions off the deaths of innocents.

The new band’s first singles (signals) are already hitting the airwaves.Disc one is shaping up to be a real chart-topper.They’re already broadcasting song three.

Once Hillary pisses buckets on a few million of her former voters, and the media show all the drowned bodies while screaming hysterically about climate change, they’ll move on to tracks four and five in quick succession.

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