by Amy Brooke

But what of National’s Christopher Luxon rebuking his own members questioning this ridiculous demonising of CO2?

And where are the protests against mainstream media like Stuff (its downgraded name for The Dominion Post to The Post more or less sums it up) asking for our financial support — while determinedly refusing to publish anything from highly reputable scientists cogently maintaining that the AGW climate emergency claim is an utter con?

It’s time to boycott Stuff — and let’s include 1News with its politicized, in-our-face substituting of the concocted Aotearoa for our country’s real name.

And let’s hear from all those who regard the over-the-top pushing of the apparently miraculous appearance of Matariki as insufficient justification for the hundreds of millions of dollars lost in productivity (estimated as at least $448 million) apparently because Jacinda Arden thought it was a great idea.

Why? The rise of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters has been known for millennia.

So what was her real agenda?

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