The Leftists are the Globalists’ useful idiots and storm troopers.

by Brandon Smith at

I have to admit that in my efforts to analyze and dissect Far-Left/globalist ideologies and agendas I have come to a point where I am just as fascinated as I am horrified.

Consider for a moment the progressive “intersectional” narrative which we often refer to as “woke”: It’s not an activist movement because they already have equal rights under the law. It’s partially a political movement but their goals go far beyond putting candidates in government — a large part of the government is already on their side.

They claim to stand against “capitalism” and corporate power, yet their movement is primarily funded by the very money elites they say they despise.

No, this movement is something different: It’s a system of blind belief and the invasion of a cult that worships itself, that worships power and seeks to undermine the truth whenever possible as a means to an end. We are witnessing history in the making; the birth of a monstrous religion of moral relativism.

To understand the political Left and their tactics you have to understand their relationship with the Globalists. Woke groups are a creation of the corporate/globalist regime. For decades think-tanks like the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation have been grooming universities to produce a steady supply of cult members, all of them indoctrinated into a carefully crafted narrative that clings to socialism and uses victim status as a currency.

They abhor meritocracy and have delusions of equity. They demand an impossible Utopia that guarantees equal outcomes. They see self sufficiency as criminality; an attempt to escape from collective oversight. And they are more than willing to rationalize dishonesty, disinformation, deconstruction, chaos and murder as a means to get what they want.

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