Food prices increase 8.9 percent annually – Media release

13 September 2023

Annual food prices were 8.9 percent higher in August 2023 than in August 2022, according to figures released by Stats NZ [yesterday].

“The largest contributing food group was grocery food, which includes non-perishables and dairy products,” consumer prices manager James Mitchell said. “Fresh eggs, potato crisps, and six-pack yoghurt were the largest drivers within grocery food.”

In August 2023, the annual increase was due to rises across all the broad food categories Stats NZ measures. The following list shows each food group’s price rise for the year ended August 2023, in order of their contribution to the overall movement:

  • grocery food prices increased 10.6 percent
  • restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food prices increased 8.9 percent
  • meat, poultry, and fish prices increased 8.0 percent
  • non-alcoholic beverage prices increased 9.1 percent
  • fruit and vegetables prices increased 5.4 percent.

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