Tim has our full backing as the next MP for the Otaki seat.

There are only three weeks until Election Day, and we are working so hard as a team to change the Government, to turn this electorate blue, and in the process we’re bringing all the energy we can to the last few weeks of the campaign.

There was a great response to my street-corner meetings over the weekend. I’m still out every day knocking on doors, visiting community groups and businesses, at the train station early in the morning, and meeting as many people as I can. That’s the kind of work-ethic we need in our next MP.

Can you please help with one of three free things:

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The biggest issue

New Zealand’s economy is forecast by the IMF to be the worst in the world next year, except for Equatorial Guinea!). Labour’s claim that our economy is in good shape is completely detached from reality and out of touch with everyday Kiwis who are struggling with the cost of living after six years of Labour’s economic mismanagement. Don’t buy their spin; we should be doing much better… and we can be.

We’ve had six years of Labour wasting billions of extra dollars with little to show for it; inflation at 6% is driving a prolonged cost of living crisis, wages aren’t keeping up with inflation and mortgage repayments are too much for many Kiwis to handle. We cannot continue down this path.

New Zealanders deserve competent economic management. National will provide tax relief to working New Zealanders, with an average-income family with young children receiving $250 a fortnight under our plan. We will get inflation under control to keep prices stable and reduce interest rates, and we’ll focus on growing the economy. That’s meaningful help to navigate the cost of living crisis Labour have created.

This election the choice is clear: we need a strong, stable National Government that will rebuild the economy to reduce the cost of living and help Kiwis get ahead, including well-deserved tax relief for the squeezed middle.