In his flyer, another by-election candidate states that Waikanae can become a destination of choice, although it’s not clear if he means for residents, visitors or both. He isn’t very specific about what would achieve this. “Martinborough did it with its wineries”. Well, yes, but these cover the surrounding countryside. As observed earlier, Waikanae Beach will be within a short drive of the Expressway when it is complete, but as asked in an earlier post, what would attract people to the main town area?  Those interested in hiking can go into the Hemi Matenga Nature Reserve in the nearest foothills of the Tararua range. This gives some good views on the crests, but with the steep paths, it won’t suit a lot of older people.  And that is pretty much it at present.

When speaking to different people about this, there have been a few suggestions, one being a casino in the town commercial centre.  Other suggestions, perhaps not very serious ones, were a gentlemen’s club and a bordello (there probably is one or two of the latter already, albeit hidden from obvious view).

The one thing that we don’t really want is a group of abandoned shops, and there are sure to be some post-Expressway opening.