By way of background, Dr Bolton filed misconduct complaints against certain councilors and Eric Gregory who has chaired the WCB since March. This was on the agenda of the 27 August council meeting. The episode at the 27 August council meeting, in which 3 persons were ejected, was reported in the local newspapers.  As we weren’t there, we can only comment that everyone should show — and should receive — courtesy and respect.  There is no place for bad behaviour, especially from professionals.

The matter of the 27 August meeting involved trying to call to account a majority of councillors who had colluded to contrive horrendous allegations against me, namely, that I tried to assault Cr Holborow with my walking stick, and then threatened staff in the foyer.

How would it be if YOU were accused of such behaviour? Would you not do whatever you could to expose these liars? As I said in one aborted talk to council, whereat I was abused, bullied and expelled, “lie in one thing, lie in everything”, as the Roman legal dictum has it.

At that meeting I was attempting to ask what the affadavit (sic) was that Cr Ammundsen contrived against me, and conveyed as a genuine affidavit by Tamsin Evans, which was not signed (even by her), was not sworn, notarised, and was witnessed (sic) by her partner to make it, as she claimed on 27 August, unimpeachable (sic).

Cr Bell used councillor’s response time to call me a “bully”, “disingenuous” and claim that he saw me try to assault Holborow (although he, like Michael Scott, was not even present at the time). When I objected to this cowardice and slander I was expelled from the chamber by Ross Church, and trespassed two days later as being such a very dangerous character.

It should be of concern to your group that Cr Michael Scott and Eric Gregory were involved with this. In Michael Scott’s case, he claimed to have been a witness, whereas he was not actually present, but in the councillor’s lounge at the time, talking with Cr David Scott. It was Michael Scott who contrived a legal pretext for having the complaints declined, which has the affect of actually nullifying all codes of conduct through precedent. It is a precedent that will surely have to be addressed now by government, as codes of conduct have been rendered useless.

If you look at the streaming footage of council meetings or risk attending, you will likely quickly see that council manners are appalling and Cr Michael Scott is among the most arrogant and ill mannered towards both members of the public and towards Crs David Scott and Jackie Elliott in particular.

Until my own recent experiences, I had no idea that council was run in this way. My wife, who had been a victim of abuse and bullying in a previous marriage, spoke as one of my proxies and was badgered by Penny Gaylor, asking her the same stupid irrelevant question three times.

Gaylor was the worst hypocrite of the lot, bandying about references to the white ribbon campaign and claiming she had seen Holborow “burst” through the chamber doors, pursued by me, embellishing even what Holborow claims. The council’s own CCTV footage does not support their fantasies, but they insist on ignoring it.

In my 20 years residence I had only spoken before council a few times, under the Rowan and the Church mayoralties, on dog issues. Hence I have not been a perpetual malcontent against council.

While I was not an enthusiast for the Rowen mayoralty, at least we were heard with courtesy and our recommendations were even accepted. Moreover, over the course of 59 years I have never before been accused of such horrendous behaviour. And for what? Because a gaggle of sociopaths and narcissists wanted to shut a few of us (average age 65) up from continuing to pester them about a canine matter.

If you have doubt as to what I claim about Cr Michael Scott et al you are free to discuss these matters with me and ask whatever you wish.

Yours sincerely

K R Bolton

04 9041987