Waiky stats

…because it’s election time.  The Departments of Statistics, now called Statistics NZ, information from the last census in 2013 is the prime authoritative source for facts and figures and the link to what’s on its website about Waikanae is here.  It points out that because of the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010-2011, the normal 5 year census scheduled for 2011 was delayed for 2 years so there is a 7 year gap from the previous census in 2006.

For its purposes, Statistics NZ splits the town in into areas: Waikanae Beach, Waikanae West, Waikanae Park and Waikanae East.  Presumably ‘East’ means what is to the east of the railway line, and ‘Beach’ is what will be west of the Expressway, but we will check with them to confirm.