The link to this is here (pdf file)

The cynical (including us) will note that much of it reads like yet more public relations ‘spin’, as in the paragraph above: “Waikanae plans look great and exciting”.  Give us a break…

No mention of our recommendation for a pedestrian overbridge from the platform at Waikanae railway station to the carpark on the east side of the tracks and the west side of the main road.  So forget that one, it ain’t going to happen, unless of course KiwiRail and the GWRC pay for it, and we don’t suggest holding your breath on that.

And we have the present Waikanae Ward councilor’s view on a level crossing underpass:


So, a vote for Michael Scott is a vote for no underpass.

Most of the Beca Consultants responses consist of “Noted” and “we will consider this”; so we now need to wait for version two to be presented.