A Facebook page here has been created to present the views of the two candidates — Guy Burns and Janet Holborow — for this council seat.  A set of 39 questions is answered by each candidate.

We particularly like these two questions:

Q26. I would like to ask incumbents for examples of when they’ve rejected management proposals on significant projects. Too many councilors just rubber-stamp management decisions. And I’d ask everyone how they intend to keep a watch on council spending (not that I’m pushing cost-cutting, just that the council often fails to get value for money, then claims it can’t fund other projects that have significant value to the community).

Q27. Are you prepared to challenge council staff (regardless of how senior their position) on their decisions? Too often councilors only take advice from staff accepting everything they propose rather than representing the concerns of the community. How do you balance this?

Like the Otaki Community Board, all four candidates for the Paekakariki Community Board were elected unopposed.