1.       Immediately I will convene an informal meeting of the new Community Board to discuss matters that need to be acted upon with a sharing of responsibilities for different tasks.  Also to see if there is agreement for an increase in the number of scheduled meetings in 2017 from 8 to 12, including at least 1 at the beach community hall.

2.       Arrange via the Community Board to get the ‘barcode bridge’ –- the rail bridge over SH1 — steam cleaned for the first time in decades.

3.       Seek agreement from the new council to immediately initiate ‘Operation Fat Removal’ from the KCDC budget with a thorough investigation and audit of all areas of council spending

4.       Seek to have council’s instruction to CEO Dougherty to withdraw the defence of the Environment Court challenge by the Coastal Ratepayers United group to save yet more wasted money on unnecessary litigation.

5.       Seek to have the council instruct the CEO to have designed a better council website.

6.       Have the council instruct the CEO to put a page on the new website for each community board (Otaki, Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Paekakariki) where agendas and minutes are placed, also council briefing papers relating to each area; with a link button for each on the main homepage.

7.       Organise a less formal Facebook page for the WCB where photos and community comment are placed.

8.      Seek agreement from the council to immediately investigate design and costings of a dam on the Waikanae River for a water reservoir.

9.       Get agreement from the council to investigate the design and cost of an underpass to replace the railway level crossing at Elizabeth Street in Waikanae.

10.      Have the council instruct the CEO that effective immediately all media releases issued by him are to be:

a.       Completely factual, useful and not omit relevant facts

b.      Devoid of praise of previous council decisions or council members

11.      Have the council instruct the CEO that all documents produced by his “communications team” are henceforth to be:

a.       Concise

b.      Written in plain English and be comprehensible by a lay person

c.       Have indexes

d.      Devoid of ‘weasel words’,

e.      Devoid of praise for previous council decisions

12.      Have the council instruct the CEO that immediately all qualified suppliers within the Kapiti Coast District for council contracts be invited to tender for them.

13.      Have the council instruct the CEO that records are to be properly kept in accordance with the provisions of the Public Records Act 2005.

14.   Persuade the other councillors to scrap the volumetric water charges; in time for the council’s next financial year beginning 1 July 2017, this would mean an end to the administrative time and cost of separate water bills.  There is no guarantee that there will be a majority in favour, at least to begin with, but there will be 8 months.

The above aren’t all inclusive, but are the main things that I have campaigned on. #3 will determine a lot more things that need to be done to save Ratepayers’ money.