This is the reply received today in response to an OIA request.  From the second page, the number of full time equivalent employees as at 22 May, rather than the approved 303 was 245 full time, 61 part time and 52 fixed term — assuming that ‘part-time’ is an average 20 hours a week, this puts the total at 331.  The number of contractors additional to these working out of council premises is 19.

KCDC reply-1

KCDC reply-2.jpg

The page from the financial year to 30 June 2016 annual report referred to is below:

KCDC pay levels

The above letter states that the annual report for the 2016-2017 financial year should be available on the council website on 4 October.

The letter also states that if we want to know how many staff now are in the all-up remuneration bands we asked, it will take them 5 hours.  Given that there are only about 50 in these bands, we think that the ‘estimate’ given of 5 hours to do this would be realistic if the person doing this looks like the one in the photo below.  As we think that is unlikely, we will, as suggested, refer the letter to the Ombudsman.

kcdc staffer