It’s a question that has arisen from the Barcelona terrorist attack last week as this Daily Mail UK article reveals:

Mother of Sydney boy, 7, killed in Barcelona terror attack faces years of surgery – as it’s revealed her travel insurance ‘does not cover terrorism’

In this case a close friend and employer of the boy’s father has taken it upon himself to help the devastated parents by starting a Go Fund Me page in his attempts to recuperate the inevitable costs the parents now face and the page has been inundated with responses since its introduction on Monday afternoon. With a target set of $1 million, fundraisers have managed to accumulate $76,817 in just 10 hours.

Regardless, the general question remains and it’s something worth checking.

Unless you’re planning a trip to a country noted for them like Pakistan, Iraq or Yemen, the likelihood of being caught up in an attack is very small and other forms of misfortune faced by travelers would have much greater risk attached to them.  So why exclude terrorism?