In common with apparently 200,000 others, we’ve received this e-mail from Vodafone:

“Since we launched our email service in the 1990s, email and technology have come a long way. Our email service is no longer delivering the sort of experience our customers need today.

“A large number of our customers have told us they’re experiencing ongoing problems with their Vodafone provided email account, such as huge amounts of spam and delays in receiving their emails. We tried very hard to fix this for our customers with little success due to the age of the platform. That’s simply not good enough for us here at Vodafone, so we’ve made the decision to close the service down.

“Your Vodafone email account will close on 30 November 2017.

“A number of our customers have already moved on to more up-to-date web-based services. This is why we’re working with the email experts, Google and Microsoft to connect you to the future of email. They are two of the world’s largest email providers, with over one billion people using gmail and If you haven’t moved already, we encourage you to do the same.”

As some know, was bought by TelstraClear which in turn was bought by Vodafone: a UK based business that operates in several countries.  But they can’t fix the problems?  It doesn’t say much for them.

Anyway, we’ll advise a new e-mail address soon.