1930 Chrysler 66

Something from great granddad’s era — a 1930 Chrysler 66

1940 Coca Cola Pickup

Despite the plate, this is a 1941 model Ford Pickup, although it may have been made at the end of 1940. The owner is obviously a Coca-Cola fan.

1936 Ford Coupe.jpg

1936 Ford Coupe.  Anything post-1932 is liable to be hot-rodded, but this doesn’t look to have received much.

1969 GMC C10.jpg

a 1969 GMC C10. The term ‘ute’ is Australian/NZ — in America they are called pickup trucks.

1969 Chev Chevelle and 64 Galaxie.jpg

a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle (a medium rather than big sized car by then American standards) and further over a 1964 Ford Galaxie convertible.

1953 Chrysler Hemi MASH.jpg

1953 Chrysler Hemi (a reference to the engine).  The owner has put a Korean-war era MASH sign on the door which stood for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.