Waikanae Busstops

Extracts from the pdf downloadable here

At the Waikanae Community Board meeting on 31 July 2017 the Board considered a request by GWRC to introduce a number of new bus stops as part of proposed service changes for Waikanae and the wider Kapiti area.

The board considered the merits of the proposal against the concern expressed by some residents in Waikanae East to the proposals. After much deliberation the Board decided to not support any of the recommend changes made by GWRC and no new bus stops were approved. The Board requested that GWRC investigate further need for the stops in Waikanae East.

These new bus stops are proposed to go live from 15 July 2018, alongside the amended Kapiti Line off-peak rail timetables, new operating contracts and changes to Metlink fares, including the introduction of the new Snapper bus card.

The following bus stop locations were chosen for their proximity to existing and potential customers, and spacing along the proposed route. GWRC has commissioned an independent safety review of the proposed bus stop locations, and have undertaken consultation with nearby residents of each of the proposed bus stops (note: some bus stops have not been amended or had new consultation undertaken as they received full support from neighbouring properties in the original consultation in 2017).

Waikanae East (route 281):
Location 1: in the vicinity of 9 Winara Avenue (bus stop #1634)
Location 2: in the vicinity of 8 Winara Avenue (bus stop #1626)
Location 3: in the vicinity of 62 Winara Avenue (bus stop #1627)
Location 4: in the vicinity of 94 Winara Avenue (bus stop #1628)
Location 5: in the vicinity of 134 Winara Avenue (bus stop #1629)
Location 6: in the vicinity of 39 Kotare Street (bus stop #1631)
Location 7: in the vicinity of 22 Kereru Street (bus stop #1632)
Ngaio Road (route 281):
Location 8: in the vicinity of 34 Ngaio Road (bus stop #1630)
Te Moana Road (route 280):
Location 9: in the vicinity of 463A Te Moana Road (bus stop #1623)
Location 10: in the vicinity of 460 Te Moana Road (bus stop #1637)