Blokarts could be whizzing around the park, according to development plans.
“Blokarts and bike tracks are part of the plans for a multi-million dollar Kāpiti Coast sports park. The Kāpiti Coast District Council has pushed play on a plan to consult on the development of Otaraua​ Park, a 60-hectare block of land between Waikanae And Otaihanga.
“Kāpiti Mayor K Gurunathan said that while it was early days in terms of planning, it was something the district should be excited about. ‘It’s the biggest chunk of land for this sort of thing in the region, we’re looking at it as a regional amenity and we’ll be pursuing it as that.'”
“Bought by council in 2012, the land has remained largely undeveloped, but would become home to sports facilities, events spaces and recreation areas.”
The  60ha block of land sits between Waikanae and Otaihanga and is bordered by the old State Highway 1.

“We have a railway line that goes past it and it would be quite easy to put a platform there for events. The potential is huge so everything doesn’t have to be in the middle of Wellington.

“The key to that is it in stages though, we don’t want everyone to get excited it will happen tomorrow.”

A mix of rates, sponsorship and external funding would pay for the development and over $4 million was available in the Long-Term Plan.

Included in the park’s draft plan were a blokart track, tracks for road cycling, para-cycling and inline skating, BMX and mountain bike routes, a boardwalk and a “destination” playground.

Three amphitheatres – the biggest catering for about 5000 people – would also be built. A multi-purpose hub at the centre of the park would provide spaces for the community to meet and, in the long term, an indoor pavilion would cater for sports and events.  A new bridge would cross the railway line and link the park to the old State Highway 1.

Public consultation will begin later this year and if there were no significant changes the plan would go back to council for adoption by the end of the year.

“Landsailing Kāpiti owner Ian Timperley said the club had tried for years to secure a permanent blokarting location and, if the Otaraua development went ahead, it would be good for the district. The Waikanae man travelled to Sanson twice a week where, he said, a track was used by blokarters from around the Wellington region.

“They’re looking at getting the 2020 world champs which is what Kāpiti could have got if we had it down here.”


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The blokart track seems a good idea, but “three amphitheatres” and an “indoor pavilion”?  We suggest a botanical garden — both exotic and natives — would be a more suitable use for the rest.  Platforms for the railway might not be as easy as Mayor Guru thinks.