This park is just beyond the south bank of the Waikanae River so is highly relevent to Waikanae people.

A media statement by two of the four Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board members, Bernie Randall and Guy Burns, on the KCDC’s intended $40 million spend-up is below.

This drew the public ire of the mayor.  But you can also express your views on what should happen to the land (we’ve already stated that a long term development of a botanical garden is one good idea) — the Council’s webpage on how to do so is here.

The deadline for comments is 9 August.

Otaraua Park Bernie

Community Board members Guy Burns and Bernie Randall are concerned about the likely cost of $40 million dollars to ratepayers for developing Otaraua Park and are calling for it to be peer reviewed.

The proposal is astonishing. A new rail station or platform, a bridge over the railway line, 3 amphitheatres, a multi-purpose hub, various specialist surfaces for multi sports events. The list is unending.

Otaraua Park is blocked by a river and railway line. The current access is unsuitable for heavy usage. The ratepayers will end bearing the cost.

The park grounds are boggy and require extensive drainage works. A stream meanders in the photo while alone and palely loitering, stands a Kiwiloo guarding this forlorn strip of land.

You the community decide. What do you think?