Although the proposed changes in the Elizabeth Street to Ngaio Road block have raised a lot of opposition from Waikanae people and their representatives, there are changes intended all along this section of the former SH1, most of them uncontroversial.

One question that has been asked is whether the KCDC intends to restore the 100 km/h speed limit that used to exist in the ‘rural’ parts of this road.  The answer, from what we can assess, is no: widening the Politically Correct paved shoulders for the benefit of cyclists means a corresponding narrowing of the traffic lanes, and in general the narrower the lane, the lower the speed that is safe.

We’ll just cover those sections from the Otaihanga roundabout to Peka Peka.  These statements by NZTA are reproduced verbatim.

Otaihanga Roundabout to Waikanae Bridge

Proposed changes

  • Narrowing Otaihanga roundabout to a single lane to suit the traffic movements and lower traffic volumes since the Expressway opening.
  • Widening the road along the western side north of the Otaihanga Roundabout to cater for a wider shoulder.  A new retaining wall and embankment will be required to support the widening and new lighting will be installed.
  • Minor alterations to the road markings (the painted median and traffic lanes) in specific locations to widen the on-road cycle lanes to enhance cyclist safety.
  • New road markings to demarcate the on-road cycle lane.
  • The painted medians will be retained and re-marked in the centre of the road to enable people to turn into their driveways.
  • New road signage appropriate for a local road.
  • Extending the existing footpath along the western side of the road, on the south side of the Railway Overbridge and Waikanae River Bridge. The footpath will also be upgraded and become a shared path to enhance the connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists travelling to the townships.
  • A new kerb along the extended footpath including the installation of the new drainage infrastructure.
  • A new crossing point with raised traffic island in the painted median to encourage cyclists onto the shared path where the road corridor and bridge is too narrow to cater for on-road cycle lanes. The crossing will be located on the south side of the railway overbridge and river bridge.
  • New lighting and signage along the shared path.
  • A new cycle warning system installed on the approaches to the river bridge.
  • Main Road-north-otaihanga-rbt

    As the road north of the roundabout looks now.

  • Main Road north-otaihanga-rbt-proposed

    As it will look after widening the paved shoulders for cyclists.