Waiky mouth by David Wall art.com

An aerial view of the Waikanae Estuary and Scientific Reserve.

At the launch of Mik Peryer’s new book last Saturday, the Mayor said the council was involved in an ‘arm wrestle’ with whitebaiters over them driving their vehicles on the beach.  That shouldn’t be the case — all they need to do is park in the parking area at the south end of Tutere Street and they have about 150 metres to walk with their gear (the largest piece consists of an aluminium frame covered with a nylon net, hardly heavy).

It seems that it has been made clear to them that they are not allowed to drive in the Scientific Reserve which has been marked by signs, although it has been reported that they get removed.

If you see a vehicle where it shouldn’t be, take a photo showing its number and send it to both councils, the GWRC and the KCDC. (David Wall photo)