Mahara Place concept-design-report diagram

This is the area concerned. The long thin area is referred to as Mahara Lane, and the quadrangle is Mahara Place.  The access lanes from the carpark off Marae Lane are included.

Last night at the Waikanae Community Board a 41-page pdf (downloadable on the council website here) and a short video ‘3D’ walk-through were shown on a screen to the attendees, which included the council’s two top bosses Wayne Maxwell and Sean Mallon.

After about 4 years of council consultation on ‘pop up’ open days and LTP submissions, and a lot of discussion by Destination Waikanae members, finally some firm proposals by the council exist.

Speakers thought that the Boffa Miskell landscape architects have come up with good ideas in discussion with a panel of representative locals, and once exact plans have been decided upon, things should start happening next February.

The things that are decided upon will be determined by the overall available budget which is stated to be $1 million.

Michelle Parnell of the council warned, however, that “we know from experience that $1 million doesn’t go very far.”  Well, that depends on who you use. Admittedly, building materials have always been expensive in NZ compared with other countries and the recent huge new building demand around the country, including in the Wellington region, have meant that it’s a tradies’ and not a buyers’ market now. (That situation is also responsible for some fairly long construction lead-times.)

People naturally have different ideas and preferences about what they like in landscape designs.  Sue Lusk assembled quite a few ideas from comments on the DW Facebook page, and we have also proposed some things on here.  One of our proposals for artificial turf from a couple of years ago was taken up last December.

As we don’t think our opinions on these types of matters are (for the most part) any more valid than anyone else’s, we’ll simply report what happens without much comment.