After a fast-moving fire swept into town a decade ago, burning more than 200 homes and trapping thousands of fleeing residents on gridlocked mountain roads, a grand jury called on officials to improve evacuation routes.
But six years later, the city decided to narrow a portion of the main road through town from four lanes to two as part of an effort in the downtown area aimed at boosting commerce as well as traffic and pedestrian safety.
Two other roads in the city were also narrowed, records show.

Does this have more than a little relevance to what the NZTA/KCDC intend for Waikanae?

In Waikanae’s case it’s a reduction from four lanes to three, but the potential consequences are likewise bad, in our case as an on-going situation rather than in an emergency.  At the last meeting with NZTA/KCDC officials the NZTA guy said that “in an emergency you close down your parking.”  Well, maybe that’s OK in theory, but there are some practical problems when there is a need to do that fast.

Los Angeles Times story