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Free speech is going to be a live wire issue this year, if the last two weeks are anything to go by.

“First they came for the YouTubers, then they came for the serious philosophers” was the point of a Christchurch Press editorial on free speech, which is worth a read.

The piece responds to the cancellation of Professor Peter Singer’s talk by SkyCity.

While SkyCity’s pathetic deplatforming was cause for concern, the response is at least a reassuring reminder that for many in New Zealand, the trend towards a growing fear of challenging or controversial ideas is not acceptable.

Patrick Corish, the talented 24-year old who has been as much involved in this free speech effort as anyone, joined RNZ’s panel on the Singer issue. You can listen to that here.

As well as this, Eric Crampton, chief economist at the New Zealand Initiative and contributor to the Free Speech Coalition, was interviewed on the Singer issue by Mike Hosking.

One place where challenging ideas are never feared is the Free Speech Coalition Podcast, which has returned for 2020. In this episode, Patrick interviews Otago University’s Professor James Flynn on his research into intelligence and his take on the situation in universities. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Free Speech Coalition podcast on iTunes, or Spotify.

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