Cv-19 Stats official

Although the Mainstream TV channels have sensationalised the pandemic to the max, the fact is that in NZ the figures have been and are small — those who want to find out what they are can simply go to this webpage on the Ministry of Health website, which is updated once a day.

The most important figure is how many are in hospital because of the virus and this has fluctuated between 9 and 16 nationally since the lockdown began.  Today it is 12. Only 1, 2 or 3 have been in Intensive Care at any one time.

The data for the number of cases confirmed is broken down by District Health Board (DHB) and today the number today for Capital and Coast — which covers from Island Bay to Peka Peka — is 82.  How many of those are in Kapiti isn’t specified but is unlikely to be more than about 15% of that, perhaps less. Bear in mind this is the cumulative number of cases, and 23% of cases overall are reported as having recovered.