by Carol Sawyer

This whole interview runs for an hour, but if you are prepared to take the time I can assure you it will blow your socks off!

If Dr. Knut Wittkowski is right, and that seems extremely likely, we have wasted all this time in lockdown in NZ. If the virus had been allowed to run its course, while we protected the vulnerable, we would be over it by now — past the peak — and almost all the deaths in New Zealand could have been avoided (as the 19 deaths have almost all been in rest homes where people were somehow allowed to get the virus; this could have been prevented).

All that we have done is delay the inevitable and this now means that the aged, vulnerable and immuno-compromised will have to stay isolated for another two months or more until the virus runs its course and herd-immunity develops. Some of them may die in the meantime.

Meanwhile, of course, we have done major damage to the economy.