Market Reopening 4 July 2020

Master of Ceremonies Bob Houston introduces Helen Amey, His Worship the Mayor, and Jill Griggs of the WCB who helped the organisers and liased with council staff. Taking the photo on the mound behind is Nigel Wilson of KC News.

After 3½ months of being shut down, first by the Cv-19 Lockdown and then by Council edict, the first occasion of the revived market took place this morning in fortunately rain-free conditions.

If the market looks much the same as it did before, that was what the organisers wanted — the same time, same place and same participants. In fact there could now be even more participants than before as there is space for more.

The process of re-establishment to meet Council requirements involved the creation of a not-for-profit incorporated society, named the Waikanae Community Market Inc. Pending the confirmation of government registration, which is not far away, the Council legal agreements are with Helen Amey, but these will be tranferred. The society has two classes of membership — general, for which the fee is just $10 a year, and commercial — businesses trading at the market in addition to full time premises elsewhere; these will pay the much higher fee of $10 a week.

The membership fees include the official compliance costs for trading at the market as well as such things as Public Liability insurance. Food sellers need additional separate certification, either with the KCDC or the MPI.

The Waikanae Community Board awarded a grant of up to $8,000 to cover the costs of re-establishing the market, most of which in fact goes back to the Council to cover its charges so there is little net fiscal impact on participants.

As well as the economic aspect, the market provides a social meeting place for Waikanae people.

There isn’t a website for the market just yet, but the Facebook page is here.

We will keep our list of traders with contact details for direct purchases outside the market (link near the top of page) for the time being, but as our blog is non-commercial, it won’t stay there too much longer.