A total of 126,425. Although the Mainstream Media boosted awareness of us in August thanks to the vindictive behaviour of the present mayor and Cr Prvanov (a.k.a. Piranha fish), views from the USA increased by 472% and we doubt the small-minded narcissists of the KCDC interest them much. Rather, issues like ecocide, land development, freedom of speech, government waste, corruption, cover ups and distortions of the truth interest everybody. It’s quickly becoming a mantra for us — if the MSM don’t want to know, then we do!

The most viewed story of the year was about the deaths of native kea birds by 1080 poison; the most viewed local story was on the forthcoming traffic lights outside the ‘Kapiti Kremlin’, which we’re not actually opposed to.

There are things we want to see happen in Waikanae either this coming year or the next and we’ll keep pushing them, but they are overshadowed at present by some wider issues.

For the whole of Kapiti the announced completion of the Transmission Gully and Peka Peka to Otaki freeways this year (?) will have a significant impact; one of them will be to make the District more of a dormitory area for Wellington than it is already. It would be great, for Waikanae central and hill zone people particularly, if commuter rail services would be improved to the north too. Fingers crossed this government will listen, although that’s not a trait it’s been noted for.