One of the best of veteran journalist Karl du Fresne’s many excellent posts on his blog appeared on Wednesday and was headed We’re all in the same waka

It says in part:-

‘It has become the norm for people of part-Maori descent to recite iwi connections, but without any reference to their European lineage. That inconvenient part of their ancestry is routinely erased.

‘I say “inconvenient” because I suspect it suits many part-Maori activists not to acknowledge their bicultural heritage, the reason being that their bloodlines demonstrate that New Zealand is a highly integrated society. This conflicts with their aim of portraying us as intrinsically and irreparably divided, with one side exerting dominance over the other.

‘Here lies a central paradox of Maori activism that is never confronted, still less explained. It has possibly never been more relevant than now, when a radical agenda of change is being aggressively promoted by people whose mixed ancestry ironically gives the lie to the notion at the heart of their grievances – namely, that this is a country indelibly stained by racial prejudice and divided along racial lines into privileged and disadvantaged.

‘The truth, to put it in simple terms, is that we’re all in this together. We’re all in the same waka.

‘If this were truly a racist country, those “Maori” activists with distinctly European features and Anglo-Saxon surnames – testimony to a high degree of historical intimacy between Maori and Pakeha – would not be here. They exist because somewhere in their past, Maori and European partners were attracted to each other and procreated on equal and willing terms. That hardly seems indicative of a racist society.’

For the last few years Stuff senior reporter Joel Maxwell has been constantly (and falsely) proclaiming how racist Pakeha have always been to Maori: always stealing their property, always denying Maori any legal rights, committing genocide, and on it has gone. This seems to have suited the Stuff owner(s) since the Jacinda government came to power in late 2017 and even more so since last October.

Stuff’s journalism over the same period has become so partisan and unreliable, with such scant regard for balance and accuracy, that we think time has come for that media company to change its name: we propose tika, Maori for truth.

In the communist Soviet Union the official newspaper was Pravda, Russian for Truth, so what could be more appropriate for the newspaper of “the Sole Source of Truth” that is the Jacinda government? Stuff is an English word and thus unsuited to the New Order; no, it must be a Maori word. This media organisation should be well-named if nothing else.