By Bruce Moon

Well, Big Brother has spoken and Peter Jackson, who has hitherto published most of my letters to The Northland Age, is now subject to censorship and has been forbidden by the NZME bosses from doing so.  Freedom of speech has gone out the window.

Here is a letter which has been recently rejected. Spread the link to friends.

Dear Editor,

So the learned Dr Mataroria Lyndon blames the “shameful health statistics” of Maoris on the universal scapegoat: colonisation! (Herald, 22/6/21)

Never mind the fact that Maori life expectancy has approximately tripled since the beginning of colonisation.  Never mind the fact that in traditional Maori belief, disease was caused by a malignant “atua” entering and gnawing away at the sufferer’s vitals!  Never mind the increasing evidence that too many Maoris today do not take adequate responsibility for their own health, missing too many hospital and other appointments for one thing.

Set up instead a brand new “Maori Health Authority” with many a highly paid executive and the long-suffering taxpayer will be only too happy to pay the bill for you.

Bruce Moon

The NZME bosses are probably fearful of losing their substantial Jacinda government subsidy and think they can not publish any opposition to the Jacinda government’s plans. Whose money is it? That’s right, the Taxpayers. —Eds