by Ian Davey

The absolute audacity of the Labour Government to railroad the “Three Waters Reforms” (Water, Waste Water and Sewerage) through without proper consultation beggars belief!

The proposal is to cut the 77 councils to only four and remove our assets without due consultation or compensation. Quote – “Progressing the Three Waters Service Delivery Reforms – 49.1 remove obstacles in local government legislation that prohibit councils from divesting ownership of, or control over, water infrastructure assets and services.” 14 December 2020 Cabinet Paper, CAB-20-Min-0521.01 Minute.

The only reason for this dramatic upheaval is that over the next 30 years, they say it will become too expensive for Ratepayers to maintain the infrastructure.

The answer is in our NZ History by using Reserve Bank Credit as we did from 1936 till 1989. Irrefutable evidence from the RBNZ Bulletin March 2008 and Royal Commission on Banking NZ, 1956 page 24 showing that only 3 % of Government expenditure came from the private banking system for War purposes, which is proof that the answer is in NZ History. Today because we borrow every dollar as Debt with compounding Interest from the private banks, we cannot even afford to maintain them!

Note the intention is take all the local council-owned infrastructure for the three water forms off councils with control to be vested in 4 centralised bureaucracies run by central government appointees (almost certainly on a racial basis), but not to merge all the councils into 4. —Eds