Handout to be distributed:

Rules for participants

This protest requires large numbers of participants to show the Government they must consider people over ideology. Participants are expected to:

  • Use common sense at all times
  • Do not block or impede Emergency Services
  • Obey the road rules
  • Obey the covid rules for your regions, do not cross covid-regional borders
  • Stay in vehicles
  • Drive to the centre of your local town
  • Tune your radio to your local Newstalk ZB (list of frequencies above)
  • At 1.35pm pull over, put hazard lights on, turn up radio for the Groundswell statement
  • Safely drive on (no gatherings)
  • To show you are part of the protest you can print an A4 Groundswell poster or order a Groundswell flag/banner to display on your vehicle (see http://www.groundswellnz.co.nz)
  • Do not be provoked [by Jacindanistas]

[The Jacinda government’s paid Mainstream Media will focus on any transgressions of these sensible rules as they don’t like people who protest against her regime, and will ignore the reasons for the protest. —Eds]