Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers made this description. “Who and who cares?” you ask.

Obviously, Newshub does — negativity about their secular saint requires disapproval at the least. “Wendy Rogers shared a video on Twitter of Ardern speaking virtually to world leaders as part of the Summit for Democracy last week, where [she] talked about [covid] misinformation and why her Government had introduced New Zealand’s public interest journalism fund,” it says.

This seems like an effective admission by Dear Leader that taking her government’s view on this subject is one of the things recipients of her lavish subsidies (read bribes) are expected to do?

The American’s transgression is compounded, in Newshub’s view, by Wendy Rogers being a staunch ally of former US President Donald Trump. Oh dear.

Newshub gives a little history lesson: Vladimir Lenin was a communist leader who commanded the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. The revolution cemented communism in Russia and the Soviet Union for the next 74 years. Under Lenin’s leadership, the Soviet government oversaw the ‘Red Terror’ — a campaign of widespread executions and arrests against so-called “enemies of the people”.

Hmm. Did not Dear Leader order a Police terror campaign against suspected political opponents during 2019? Doesn’t she have Police tapping and hacking actual political opponents? See here

Wendy Rogers fires back at Newshub and their fellow Jacindanistas: