For many people worldwide, 2021 compared to 2020 has been like the picture above, and it has been in Jacindaland. Her biggest broken promise from 2020, that there would be no coercion over covid ‘vaccines’ and no penalties for those who opt out, saw massive protests around the country. But her government’s He Puapua apartheid plans (incorporating the ‘3 waters’ assets grab from councils) and attacks on Freedom of Speech also created political storms.

These national issues have dominated the focus we and similar media sites have had to allocate space to; but we’ve not neglected the controversies on the local scene of which the biggest were the Guru Gateway, the closure of the Waikanae Recycling Centre and the unsuitability of Mr Maxwell as council boss.

The (unwanted) changes to Waikanae’s Main Road now look like they will happen early in 2022.

One positive event was the getting underway of the long planned Mahara Gallery rebuild. Hopefully, next year will see some action also on a proper library/social centre in the town centre and a big renovation, if not a replacement of the Waikanae Beach Hall.

A special message of appreciation goes to our several contributors and those who have sent us links to other sites’ articles and videos of interest, most of which we’ve used.

To our swiftly-growing number of readers, we wish happy and safe holidays, and a spiritual recharge in readiness for what 2022 throws at us.

Geoffrey, Eva, Roger