So much has been said about this wasteful vanity project, likely to cost $8 million+ if it proceeds, that it seems superfluous to repeat the problems with it.

We know how the Councilors seeking reelection voted: Janet Holborow was and remains a fervent supporter as does Sophie Handford. We don’t know where Jackie Elliott stands on it, although she voted for it. Rob McCann was also a strong supporter but announces he has seen the light and all the objections people made were valid. Prvanov initially supported it but then opposed it. Martin Halliday and Bernie Randall have been opponents from the outset.

Candidates who have not been on the council need to be asked their stance.

In the meantime, the plans are proceeding — this was sent to Council elected members last week:-

Te Uruhi

The finalised developed design is due to be issued from Athfield Architects next week and the next step is to commence detailed design.  Construction will not commence until detailed design is complete, resource consent is attained and approval from Council is confirmed.

We are awaiting a date for the hearing to be organised by the independent planner.