Peace talks must begin immediately if the conflict in Ukraine is to end soon, former US President Donald Trump said during a speech to supporters in Nevada on Saturday, 9 October.

Trump said: “Now we have a war between Russia and Ukraine with potentially hundreds of thousands of people dying, We must come to immediate negotiations to end the war peacefully or we will come to a Third World War.”

This is not the first time Donald Trump has called on Russia and Ukraine to come to the negotiating table.

“Be strategic, be smart. Make a deal now. Both sides need it and want it,” he said in late September. He also offered his candidacy as a mediator, as reported by

In a recent interview on Real America’s Voice, Trump also criticised the Biden administration for the dangerous “rhetoric” in the months leading up to the Ukraine invasion which he believed forced Putin’s hand.

“They actually taunted him, if you really look at it. Our country, and our so-called leadership, taunted Putin. I said, you know, they’re almost forcing him to go in with what they’re saying. The rhetoric was so dumb.”

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