Unsurprisingly, Jacindaland is on it (the only non-NATO country which is), as you would expect from a government of belligerent Leftists.

Western nations began to train Ukrainian troops long before Russia launched a military operation in the neighbouring country. The US has been doing so for quite a while, with other countries, including Washington’s allies, following suit. Here is a closer look into the notorious list.

Despite the West’s incessant flow of money, weapons and military packages to Kiev, the US and its allies do not think twice before insisting that they are not parts of the Ukraine conflict, allegations which Russia says hold no water.

Moscow has repeatedly blasted the West over “recklessly investing in protracting hostilities” in Ukraine by supplying arms to the Kiev regime.

Following the latest decision by the EU to funnel additional millions of euros in military assistance to Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed Brussels for allocating more money to “train and equip Ukrainian militants with deadly weapons which will continue to destroy civilians, destroy civilian and critical infrastructure”.

Who Sends Instructors to Train Ukrainian Soldiers?

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