At 17:52 he says “I know how the CIA Intelligence system works because I’m a CIA trained military case officer, I’ve been in bed with CIA. I actually ran an operation that was briefed when Jim Wolsey was director of CIA, one of my operations was briefed to President Clinton, it was number 4 of the top 5. I was running it, it was completely black, you know, it was off the books, we didn’t acknowledge it, it was an army operation hidden within CIA channels so I know how the system works. And I know from my experience, Stephen, that CIA will always brief what is in CIA’s interests. It has nothing to do with the truth, it has nothing to do with national security. CIA has become an entity unto itself, that answers only to itself and CIA is going to do what it thinks it needs to do to sustain itself. So it’s like an entity, it has a series of leaders who embrace this. If CIA believes it’s in their interests to lie and tell the president what they think the president wants to hear, they’re going to do that and they do it often.