by Amy Brooke from the Spectator Australia

That this temporary Prime Minister made such a fool of himself by not being honest enough to supply a simple answer to the question – What is a woman?  – is itself indicative of the attack upon reason sweeping across Western democracies. Aided by our now thoroughly corrupt mainstream media whose sympathies obviously lay with transgender activists and the bullying mob that attacked the brave Kellie-Jay Keen, the war being waged against the truth of issues is reaching its zenith.

A correspondent has sent through a prophetic saying: “A time is coming when men will go mad, and, when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying you are mad; you are not like us.“ (St Anthony the Great)

The sheer silliness involved in people pretending to accept that a man or woman can suddenly change his or her biological sex by simply declaring that they have done so   – and demanding that others connive at this pretence or delusion – would have been unthinkable in the past. The age of folly has indeed arrived  – when, for example, a naked man could deliberately parade around a women and girls’ changing room and,  instead of being arrested for indecent exposure, will find himself free to mock at women and girls rebuked for complaining – and being told they need psychological counselling.

The culture war has extended to fringe groups whose values are far from those of the majority of conservative families, and who demand special rights, such as Drag Queens insisting they be allowed to appear in front of children at public libraries to read them stories and propagandise them. Indoctrinated teachers can express incredulity that parents could possibly be so bigoted and narrow-minded as to object to pupils being forced to honour pride flags in the classroom and to be asked to celebrate and wear pink for Pride Week.

 Without being at all homophobic, and willing to extend sympathy and understanding to those who find themselves forming other than heterosexual relationships, it is still perfectly legitimate for the majority to regard these as the norm; to reject the demands of the LGBTQIA+ groupings as far from the norm – and for parents to object to these being pushed as desirable lifestyles for their children.  I can still recall the brave woman who stood up at a local meeting questioning what is taking place in the schools and saying to a persuasive lesbian speaker, “Hands off my daughters”.  It is in fact a calamity that the sex education syllabus in schools, deliberately and prematurely targeting even very young children, has contributed to so much mental and emotional confusion among our vulnerable young.

Underpinning all these areas of identity politics, whether of sexual or racial identity, the largest fields on which these battles are being fought by minority fringe groups are underpinned by the policies of Marxism, inexorably opposed to Christian values and determinedly waging war upon the family. It is the cohesive family unit of father, mother, and child which holds a country together – and support for this unit is crucial in stabilising a country. The determined push to force mothers out into the workforce, and to make it financially impossible for those who wish to stay at home to look after their children – as was once possible with just one wage earner – has been a consequence of not so much ill -thought government policies over the years but of the continual attack by the far-Left. Labour governments have been long moved from basically wedded to support the working man, having been invaded by the neo-Marxist exodus from the universities, and the lack of intellectual firepower from parties in opposition.

New Zealand is now a country in almost terminal decline as a consequence of not only these recent years spent under an appalling government which has performed abysmally in every area – but most damagingly of all, has deliberately fomented divisive, racist polices, with literally billions of dollars taken from taxpayers to address the supposed disadvantages of part-Maori – the majority of whom are making their way as successfully as those of any other ethnic derivation. Quite cynically, a minority of powerful, greedy, political and academic part-Maori individuals, obsessed with one part only  of their racial inheritance – manage to basically pocket  the ongoing handouts, with a supposed flow-down effect to the genuinely disadvantaged almost non-existent.

The litany of failures of the Ardern/Hipkins government it too long to reproduce here, but that our gross debt figure is reportedly now $722.62 billion, up 47% from five years ago, makes sobering reading. So, too, does the fact that the Labour government has increased consultant spending from $900 million the previous year to$1.24 billion this year, a massive 33% increase –  even after Labour increased public service employees by 50,000 since they took office.

This profligate government, apparently directed not so much by those with socialist but with communist tendencies, has ministers even blithely admitting that the democratic practice of one person one vote is not favoured –rather, it is granting superior representation to those with even a non-defined proportion of Maori genetic inheritance.

There is growing awareness that New Zealand is finished if a Labour government gets back again into power. The problem for so many is how all the parties in opposition are measuring up — and how determinedly our hard-left mainstream media will withhold all support,  and indeed any coverage, from parties which most closely represent the values of  conservative New Zealanders..

Check out and join the fightback against our undemocratic government — and to support this much-needed initiative to control all our political parties.

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