We’ve reached peak Woke. Its virtue-signalling champions are being humiliated. The excesses of radical students, ‘victim’ celebrities, and Left-wing companies have become laughable.

from Camilla Tominey of the Daily Telegraph (UK)

The University of Oxford’s decision to intervene against its snowflake students in support of freedom of speech is a further indication that the tide might finally be turning on Wokery. In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, Prof Martin Williams, one of the university’s pro-vice-chancellors, said what we’ve all been thinking for months.

Telling students that they must be prepared to “encounter and confront difficult views, including ones they find unsettling, extreme or even offensive,” the Oxford don has effectively thrown his support behind Prof Kathleen Stock, a leading feminist, after sections of the student union tried to stop her from speaking at the Oxford Union because of her gender critical views. It should not need explaining to this country’s supposedly brightest minds that there is no place in a world-renowned seat of learning for the no-platforming of lawful speech. The student union had flirted with stopping the Oxford Union from taking a stall at this year’s freshers’ fair, but in a victory for common sense – and a sign that the new Free Speech Act might be having an impact – it will now be allowed to canvas for student members come September.

As 40 other Oxford dons pointed out in another letter to this newspaper earlier this week: “Universities exist, among other things, to promote free inquiry and the disinterested pursuit of the truth by means of reasoned, logical argument.”

Again, this shouldn’t have to be explained to A* undergraduates any more than the biological fact of there being only two sexes. But the important thing is that the if-you-don’t-agree-with-me-then-you’re-cancelled brigade have been defeated.

At last, the adults appear to be taking charge. And the woke minority – who pose as “victims” of the system in an attempt to demand special treatment from the rest of us – have been humiliated.