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The current danger of a World War fought with nuclear weapons cannot be understated. A nuclear war may well mean the end of human civilisation on planet Earth. There is one side which is responsible for this potentially catastrophic situation, and that is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) alliance led by the ruling regimes of the United States of America (US) and its allies in the European Union (EU) and other satellite states such as Canada and Australia. The NATO led proxy war on Russia via Ukraine is being constantly escalated, even despite the manifest impossibility of any substantial victory over the Russian Federation, a military superpower. In fact, the main reason why the world is not now engulfed in a horrific global war is the seemingly limitless restraint shown by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration in the face of outrageously provocative geopolitical, economic and military broadsides set up to sabotage or even overthrow Moscow.

Steps to War

Three examples stand out as blatant and deliberate crossing of “red lines”, ultimately authored by the imperialist powers leading NATO. Firstly, the blowing up of the Nord Stream Pipeline between Germany and Russia was an environmental disaster as well as being a move to keep Washington’s “ally” Germany from becoming even a smidgeon of an economic rival. Yet it was also a move to derail any potential growth for the Russian economy. There is not a shadow of doubt that Washington was behind this massive act of terrorism, as reported by the towering investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.[1] Russia’s oil, gas and natural resources are vast and largely state owned, providing Russia with a powerful base for its economy. Secondly, the drone attack on the Kremlin appeared to be an attempt to grab headlines to divert attention away from faltering Ukrainian “offensives” in the South and East. This brazen attack was also almost certainly authored by Washington, and not at all in Kiev, according to former CIA officer Larry Johnson.[2] Thirdly, the blowing up of the Nova Kakhovka Dam in Kherson – another environmental disaster – was almost certainly the work of the Kiev regime, in an attempt to cover for the failure of the first phase of the NATO backed Ukrainian “counter-offensive”.[3]

Russia would be more than justified in retaliating against the West in relation to any one of these moves, let alone the previous 30 years expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders. Russia is responding, but via a “special military operation”, rather than open war against the US and the EU. The steady gains of this campaign are prompting ever more desperate and dangerous moves to expand and escalate the proxy war on Russia by NATO and its allies. On 10 June, Canadian President Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland made a surprise visit to Ukraine, only to announce another package of $500 million and weapons for Kiev.[4] In Australia, without even the semblance of a discussion in a parliamentary committee, there are reports that the Australian government plans to send Ukraine 41 F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets.[5] If this wasn’t enough, former NATO Chief  Anders Rasmussen stated that if the coming NATO summit does not offer Ukraine a path to membership, Poland may lead a “coalition of the willing” and send troops across its borders.[6]

Who are the real Nazis?

Perhaps more jaw-dropping than the realisation that Polish intervention into Ukraine would likely mean the entry of NATO troops and a direct confrontation with Russia, is the now open recognition that Ukraine’s forces are infested with Nazis, as even the New York Times has had to finally admit.[7] The Times only complains that Nazis are only ruining Ukraine’s “brand”. Yet the more glaring conclusion, long known by many others, is that the West is arming and funding Nazis to wage war on behalf of NATO. No one should have to explain that Nazis are fascists, but the narrative of the Western corporate media is almost one which claims that Nazis are fighting for “democracy” in Ukraine! This is beyond ludicrous, and    of the world outside the West are having none of it. Almost all of Asia, Africa and Latin America are very well aware that it is the US Empire and the former European colonial powers which have provoked this conflict, and is even supporting Russia in its efforts to defend itself.[8] It is not just a sentiment in favour of protecting imports of Russian agriculture either – it is a recognition that Russia is standing in the way of the West’s plans for yet more war.

While it is true that the Russian government is not a political ally of the international working class (witness its implementation of nonsensical Covid lockdowns and associated vaccines), this is hardly the point when the future of the world could be at stake. Yet many of those of the so-called left which capitulated to the Covid narrative have walked into a trap of following NATO into a war in defence of Nazis.[9] For example, the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)[10] and the Socialist Equality Party (SEP)[11] both claim to oppose NATO and Russia’s “invasion” at the same time. This hapless equivocation demonstrates the same buckling before imperialist propaganda which had the synthetic left cheering on internment camps in the name of “public health”. It also poses the question directly, if such organisations are echoing Western governments in calling for the withdrawal of Russian forces – which would mean the victory of NATO armed Nazis – just who are they in practice?

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